You have reached the webpage of Dr.Praveen Madiraju. My contact information is given below.
Dr.Praveen Madiraju
Associate Professor of Computer Science
Director of Data Science and Text Analytics Research (DATA) Lab
Graduate Chair for Computer Science Program at Marquette
Department of Computer Science
Room 377,Cudahy Hall
Marquette University
Email: praveen.madiraju[at]marquette[dot]edu
Phone : 414-288-6340

Recent News :

      Co-I (But PI for Marquette) for "Implementation research on innovative overdose prevention programs". Drs. Julia Dickson-Gomez(PI), Jennifer Hernandez-Meier (Co-I), Praveen Madiraju (Co-I), Constance Kostelac (Co-I), Sergey Tarima (Co-I), Zeno Franco(Co-I). Advancing Healthier Wisconsin Endowment (AHW) Project Formation Award, $249,046, 2023-2024
      Co-PI (But PI for Marquette) for "Commercialize QRF+ Predictive Mental Health Crisis Intervention Tool for Trauma & Substance Abuse". Drs. Zeno Franco(PI), Katinka Hooyer(Co-PI), Praveen Madiraju (Co-PI), Sabirat Rubya (Co-I), Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed (Co-I), Niharika Jain(Co-I). Advancing Healthier Wisconsin Endowment (AHW), $200,000, 2022-2023
      Co-PI for "Computerized Indexing of Medical Terminology for the Detection and Classification of Human Diseases", Northwestern Mutual Data Science Institute (NMDSI). Drs. Rohit J. Kate (PI), Tian Zhao (Co-PI), Jun Zhang (Co-PI) and Nasim Yahyasoltani (Co-PI). 1/1/2022 - 1/31/2023, $249,994.00.
      PI for "REU Site: Data Science Across Disciplines", National Science Foundation, Dr. Praveen Madiraju (PI) and Dr. Dennis Brylow (Co-PI). Senior Personnel: Drs. Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed, Shion Guha, Paula E. Papanek, Debbie Perouli , Satish Puri, Aleksandra J. Snowden, and Michael Zimmer. External Evaluator : Dr. Lee Za Ong. 2020-2023 , $404,685. Award#1950826
      We are seeking motivated undergraduate students at all levels majoring in data science, computer science, statistics, mathematics or related areas to join the Summer REU program in 2022. Apply here .

Research Interests :

  • Data Science/Machine Learning : Text Analytics, Text Mining
  • Healthcare Informatics : Behavioral Informatics, Machine Learning Applications for Healthcare, Mobile Applications
  • Databases and BigData : Social Media (Twitter) Analysis, Data Analytics, NoSQL Systems, Personalization, Global Constraint Checking and Querying in Multidatabases, XML Databases, Constraints in XML Databases
More information on my research can be found from the Data Science and Text Analytics Research (DATA) Lab page. Information on my publications can be found from my publication page

Teaching Information : Spring 2023

  • COSC 6380 – Big Data Systems

More information on my past courses can be found at my teaching page